He was born at Chania of Crete at 11-06-1967. He came too young in Athens with his parents.
He loved the work through his father's clothing cleaner which was founded in 1965 and still functions.
After the end of his diploma, he decided to get occupied with carpet cleaning.
He traveled to countries like Germany, England, Espania, where he brought machines at the edge of technology.
In 30-06-1989, he founded KYRITSAKIS CARPET CLEANING company.
Since then, huge progress is taking place in the company, in mechanical level and improved cleaners which are imported from countries like Germany and America. Today, he has an up to date carpet cleaning and can guarantee you about the cleaning, storage and safety of your carpets.

Our children are our whole life. Biological carpet cleaning with large amounts of water is ideal for their health. It should take place every year, no matter the kind and the quality of the carpet.

Hand-made carpets, no matter what is heard and said, should necessarily be washed every year, because they are outbreak for many types of bacteria and microorganisms.

We can guarantee, that you take your carpets biological clean from us.


Carpets are worth a fortune,
trust them to them who know.

Gregory K. Kyritsakis



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